Gazprom Sales Down in Europe

Aug 08, 2012

Russian gas giant Gazprom has announced significantly lower sales to Europe so far in 2012 – down 12% to 82 billion cubic meters. This is very surprising as Europe experienced one of their coldest winters ever which caused an increased demand for power and gas. This opens the door to other European gas giants, like France’s […]

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Qatar to Build Power Plant at UK LNG Terminal

Jun 29, 2012

Qatar Petroleum is preparing to submitting plans to build a power plant at the South Hook terminal. South Hook is the Europe’s largest liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal, and run by Total and ExxonMobil. Qatar supplies virtually all of the UK’s LNG needs through the South Hook terminal, and is now planning the development of the 500 […]

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Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal About to Open in Angola

Jun 22, 2012

Angola is planning to open their first liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal in June 2012. Operated by Chevron, the facility will country’s natural gas, mostly from Angola’s offshore gas and oil fields. The LNG facility is located near Soyo, and has been under development since 2008 by Chevron with a cost of $10 billion with […]

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