Fed Stopping QE Stimulus? Gold Falls

Jun 02, 2013

Is the US Federal Reserve stopping monetary stimulus? Investors are afraid they are, and as a result Gold prices are falling to a 2-week low and down 17% so far in 2013. The US economy is getting stronger, climbing out of the current recession, which may signal that the US no longer has the need […]

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Buy Gold Options

Apr 28, 2013

Online trading broker AvaTrade now offers gold call and put options on gold, silver, and all the forex. Options are advanced trading tools where you purchase the right to buy an instrument at a pre-set price, but are not obligated to buy. You are locked in arthritis “strike price” so these can be extremely useful […]

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Trade Oil Online with AvaTrade

Apr 22, 2013

AvaTrade is the most advanced crude oil, commodities like gold and silver, and forex, broker online. You can instantly buy and sell gold and other commodities, trading on high leverage. The advantage of leverage is that a $100 investment in crude oil is really worth $10,000, so you can buy about 110 barrels of oil. That’s right, […]

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