Hedge Funds Continue to Buy Copper

Sep 09, 2012

Copper investors are the most optimistic in 11 months, as traders speculate that the US Federal Reserve with announce a new round of quantitative easing (QE3). Hedge funds are buying copper – the largest buys since May 2012 as London Metal Exchange warehouse stockpiles drop to their lowest level in 4 years. Currently, global demand […]

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Mixed Results for Copper as Chinese Manufacturing Slows

Aug 09, 2012

Copper prices rose to a one-week high today as we saw a bit of inflation out of China – the largest manufacturer in the world and massive consumer of raw materials including gold, silver, and copper. However manufacturing levels are not as high as expected, and consequently demand for copper is down. Slower demand is […]

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Colombia to Auction Gold and Copper Rights in the Amazon

Jun 24, 2012

Colombia is planning to auction off plots of land all the way from the Pacific Ocean to the Amazon jungle. These plots are expected to hold deposits of gold and copper, with additional actions in 2013 for reserves holding coltan, uranium, and platinum. The goal of this auction is to gain more foreign investment. Colombia’s mining industry […]

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